Sunday, 22 October 2017

How to pick the perfect lipstick

I was never a lipstick person until a few years ago as you wouldn't have seen me out with any kind of lipstick (i only ever used chap stick) i just thought that no colour suited my skin tone, but that all changed when i decided that ill just go for it and buy a neutral colour. 

The next day i decided to wear it and I'm so glad i did as i got so many compliments that day (it was so good.!) even my partner thought i looked good! (that's a bonus especially coming from him.) so from that day forward i have loved wearing lipstick.

I have done a bit of research and have put together this list to help you pick out which lipstick suits your skin tone, so next time your standing in the makeup aisle it wont take you twice as long to choose the perfect colour.

Lipstick comes in different formula's that can really impact your look. Also the condition of your lips can play a major roll on how your lipstick applies.


Very on trend at the moment, and can look bold and beautiful. If you have dry, flaky lips the colour will go into all the cracks and lines on your lips, and that's not a very nice look. Matte lipsticks are also known to be very drying on the lips. 


The perfect choice for dry lips, will help your dry lips feel soft and even more plumper and will be so much more comfortable on the lips.

Long Lasting 

This kind of lipstick will stay on for hours and will survive all day, even eating and drinking. The perfect lipstick if you hate re applying all day long. 


These lipsticks have a glittery finish and light-reflecting properties, more suitable for a night out with the girlfriends. 


Whenever applying any kind of lipsticks, exfoliate your lips so that your lipsticks will glide on so easily and you'll look fabulous. 

What is your skin tone?

Fair skin

Fair skin looks the best with red, red with pink undertones, magenta and blue-toned pinks. Fair skin often has a hard time wearing a nude lip. NOTE: colours tend to look brighter on paler skin tones.

Medium/olive skin

Medium to colour skin looks best with true pinks, cranberries, brick red and classic nudes.

Dark skin

Dark skin often is best suited for reds with burgundy or brown, dark beige, orange-toned reds and pinks.

I really hope this information was useful. Please tell me what kind of lipsticks you like in the comments below. 
Hope everyone is having an awesome day.!! :) 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

5 Essential makeup tips for spring

When transitioning to the warmer weather i always have to change up my makeup to prevent oily skin. I mainly get a oily T-ZONE and that's not a nice look when your out. So i have got some tips here to try out if you like. Tell me in the comments if you get oily skin in the warmer months. (the struggles)

Tip 1
Swap foundation for BB cream

Make sure your tinted moisturiser or BB cream has SPF to protect you from our harsh sun. Choose a shade that blends flawlessly into your neck and don't forget to set it with any translucent or pressed powder.

Tip 2
Use a bronzer

Apply your bronzer over your forehead , nose and cheekbones to give the skin a nice natural glow and make sure to blend with a powder brush.

Tip 3

Skin can get oily a lot quicker in the warmer months. A great way to combat this is to ditch the moisturiser, which can also leave your skin a greasy, and use a lighter serum, it penetrates the skin better.

Tip 4
Use primer 

These are a must. They help makeup adhere to your skin longer. Some can even blur any imperfections. 

Tip 5
Blotting Sheets

Make sure oil blotting sheets are a staple in your bag during the warmer months. They get rid of the grease, but leaves your makeup intact. (which is awesome.!) 

I really hope that this has been useful. Please if you know any other makeup tips, i would love it if your would share them in the comments.!! Thanks 
have an awesome day :) 

Friday, 20 October 2017

4 Spring Outfit Ideas

Hi Everyone,
These are some of my favourite outfit ideas for spring. Nice and casual is so my style. 
        What is your favourite outfit and style? Please let me know in the comments.!!!                                                                 


Spring Outfit  1

Very simple to put together. I love wearing this outfit on the weekends down the beach with family or for a causal day out shopping. (for food of course.)  


Spring Outfit 2
I love wearing jeans all year round, but in spring I specially love wearing my ripped jeans with a simple off the shoulder top and sandals to finish off the look. LOVE IT!!


Spring Outfit 3

This is another one of my very simple but put together outfits. Its just so very effortless and stylish at the same time. Great outfit for a very casual day out.


Spring Outfit 4

I think this one has to be another one of my favourite styles as again its just so easy to put together and you can basically wear anything with black jeans. Great wardrobe staple!.

If anyone would like to see any jean diys please say "yes" in the comments.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

4 Easy Spring Hairstyles


Side braided pony-tail

This hairstyle is so very easy to do and great for anytime of the year really.


Quick easy messy bun

This hairstyle is so easy and can do it so many different ways. Its up to you how you want it. Give it a go this spring.


Tuck and cover hair do

Now this is one of my favourite spring hairstyles, as its so easy to do and can get it done within a few minutes. AMAZING!! 


Half up braided hairstyle

Loving this hairstyle as it looks so put together with not a lot of effort into it. 

These are the hairstyles I like this spring and i will be definitely trying out all of these, when I do I will take photos and put them up in the near future.